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Steel Colours

Colourbond® Classic Colours

Colorbond Classic Colours offer a range of timeless shades for your building projects. These high-quality, durable colours are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions while maintaining their vibrant appearance. Browse the Colorbond website for more information on these versatile and long-lasting colour options.

Dover White



Shale Grey




Classic Cream


Evening Haze




Manor Red


Woodland Grey

Pale Eucalypt

Cottage Green


Deep Ocean


Night Sky

Colorbond Matt colors are a range of stylish and contemporary hues offered by Colorbond. These colors have a smooth, low-gloss finish, giving a modern touch to any building. More information about Colorbond Matt colors is available on their official website,

Colourbond® Matt Colours

Surfmist - Matt

Dune - Matt

Shale Grey - Matt

Bluegum - Matt

Basalt - Matt

Monument - Matt

Colorbond Ultra offers a wide range of vibrant and durable colours for your roofing and fencing needs. With its advanced technology, these colours are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and retain their vibrancy for years to come. Discover the perfect shade for your project today.

Colourbond® Ultra Colours

Surfmist - Ultra

Shale Grey - Ultra

Windspray - Ultra

Dune - Ultra

Wallaby - Ultra

Woodland Grey - Ultra

Monument - Ultra

Stramit UniCote® LUX finishes offer a range of high-quality solutions for your building needs. With a wide selection of colours and finishes available, Stramit provides durable and aesthetically pleasing options. Visit their website to explore their offerings.

  • Hot-dipped Aluminium/Zinc/Magnesium alloy coated substrate
  • Unique, state of the art multi-paint system
  • Highly durable, UV-damage resistant finish
  • Non-combustible material
  • Independently performance tested and compliant with Australian Standards

Stramit UniCote® LUX

Silver Quartz




Weathered Iron

Zinc Graphite


ZINCALUME® steel with Activate® technology is an aluminium / zinc / magnesium alloy coated steel. This is very popular with both farm sheds for economy and in architectural applications.


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